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Professional Experience

  • CJSWorkshop: Soft Goods Specialist

  • Center for Puppetry Arts: Shop Manager

  • Jim Henson Creature Shop NYC

  • The Lyon Puppets/Avenue Q Broadway

  • The Huntington Theater Company

  • Basil Twist

  • Puppet Heap

  • Puppet Kitchen

  • Comedy Central

  • Nickelodeon


Puppetry Styles

  • Marionettes, Table Top, Shadows, Hand and Rod, Black Light, Green Screen, Object Theater, Mascot, Commedia, Dance


Special Skills

  • Wrangling, Costuming, Wig Styling, Tech Theater, Set Dressing, Wardrobe, Hosting, Public Speaking, Organizing



  • Puppeteers of America



  • University of Connecticut Puppet Arts

  • Albrecht Roser String Academy

  • O'Neill Puppetry Conference

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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