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Workshops & Guest Appearances

Guest Speaker

Need a dynamic keynote speaker for your event?


Let's get motivated to move forward and be amazing artists! I'm excited about my work and I'll share that vivacious enthusiasm with any size audience. 

Topic can be tailored to your curriculum.

Ready, Set, Puppetshow!

 Storyboards, models, and more!


Tips and techniques to develop your puppet show in the real world. How to budget, develop your ideas, and basic scale model building will be covered. Stuck on an idea? This workshop can help you progress and find a new direction.


All participants receive drawing tools, storyboard templates, and an action plan to get started.  All skill levels can benefit from this workshop that motivates and inspires!

Meet The Artist Interviews

Honoring Allelu Kurten, I present her original workshop "Meet The Artist." An intimate interview with specially selected artists before a live audience, I ask direct questions that always receive the most fascinating responses! Learn how your favorite artists got started, how they like to work, what keeps them motivated, and where they see the future of puppetry. 

Paper Scale Model Workshop

All participants create a 1/2" scale paper model of their ideas.


Learn a simple technique to estimate space, costs, materials and concepts. It's easy, practical and fun for designers of all skill levels.

Tools provided.

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