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 I offer several essential products for the professional puppeteer.

 Flat rate USPS shipping offered for all products.

 Payment via paypal is preferred.

Professional Puppeteer Hood $30


Each hood has a moisture wicking Dri-tek mesh window to let you breathe! You have full vision but remained concealed from audience view. Hoods have mesh window and solid black head covering. Will not glow in black light. Includes ribbon you sew or pin in to fit. Machine washable. 


Images show hood under stage lights and in the dressing room.  Matte finish allows the focus to be on the puppet.  Performer has full vision even under black or low light. Can wear a hat or microphone underneath.


Puppeteer Gloves $12


Cotton gloves with nubs on the palm make gripping puppet rods easier. Machine washable. Will not glow in black light. Falls just below wrist.


Sizes XS-XL available:

Measure inches from bend of the wrist for your size

5" = XS

6" = S

7" = M

8" = L

9" = XL

Arm Rods $15 black/$20 digi green


Wood handles with sturdy but flexible welding rod.


Handle with a channel and drilled hole to make these rods durable, bendable and reusable. Trim with wirecutters and bend to fit. Fabric tape can be replaced if worn, damaged or soiled. Available in black or digi-green. 

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