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Photo by Richard Termine

The Hoarding Show

This multi-puppet, one woman show, features three separate tales of hoarders including the story of the infamous Collyer Brothers told with intricate shadow puppets, a renter facing eviction depicted with miniatures, and an object theater satire selling you a hoarding starter kit!

A thoughtful comedy with enigmatic moments that will leave the audience excited to share their experiences.

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Helix of Fire

Helix of Fire was developed at The Center for Puppetry Arts Xperimental Puppet Theater with a Project Grant. 
The non-verbal story follows a mystical energy orb from a celestial birth where it gets chased by larger and larger beasts until it unites with the Phoenix to be reborn.
Music by Paul Rudolph
Performers pictured: Hamilton Young, Gregg Van Laningham, Sarah Frechette, Liz Joyce, & Carole D'Agostino

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